For most of us, paper is a problem.  Innocuous fliers from school, pages of lists and notes, and bills (oh, the bills) pile up little by little until we are drowning in a sea of papers that we don’t know what to do with.  Sound familiar?

Unless we have a good system in place for managing the paper as it enters our homes, there comes a point were we have to bite the bullet, sit down, and sort through the accumulated piles to get back to a state of order.  Not always a fun task, but definitely necessary for maintaining a workspace that is conducive to…work.

Last week, one of our clients brought us on board to help tackle this task and we were happy to oblige!  Our team of two spent the afternoon sorting through stacks, piles, shelves, and drawers to help create order in the office.  We addressed all loose papers found throughout the space and created categories and files for them. We reorganized and sorted books by topic and size on the shelves, and we straightened out the contents of the desk drawers, shelves and files.  When we left for the day, there wasn’t a stray paper in sight.

Sound intriguing?  We would love to help you conquer your paper mountains as well.  Colorado Staging + Design offers the services of 2 organizers for 2 hours at a rate of $195 and we are happy to customize our services according to the unique needs of your space.  Call at 970.214.9759 for a free phone consultation; we are happy to answer any questions you might have.  We serve all of Northern Colorado including Loveland, Fort Collins, Greeley, Timnath, Windsor, and Berthoud.