We try to offer something for everyone at Colorado Staging + Design, and one of our most affordable and accessible staging services is what we like to call a ReStyle.  This service is perfect for clients who are getting ready to list their homes, but even if you aren’t going anywhere, a ReStyle can be a great way to see your home (and the things in it) in a new light.

Today, we want to walk you through the ReStyle process.

Upon arrival, we will ask you to take us on a quick tour of your space. We love any input/requests regarding goals you would like us to help you accomplish during our two hour time slot.

Then, we will begin working our way through your home room by room.  We always like to start at “The Heart of the Home” meaning the kitchen, main living areas, and master bedroom.  If time allows, we will tackle offices, additional bedrooms, and basements.

In a living room, for example, we might play around with the placement of your couches, chairs, and coffee table to maximize the space and help you see your seating arrangement in a new way.  We often rehang artwork, bring in throw blankets/pillows from linen closets and spare bedrooms, and come up with new ways to display decorative accessories such as books, trays, and other objects we find throughout your home.

The kitchen usually involves helping you clear clutter off of the counter, finding ways to display things that have been hiding in your cupboards, and setting up simple vignettes on your counters.

When we get to the bedroom, we will show you how to make your bed beautifully and we will pay attention to small details like beautifying your nightstand display and adjusting artwork.

The beauty of this service is that we work 100% with things that you already have in your home.  There’s no need to go purchase new decorative accessories… many times clients are shocked at what we are able to do with cast off items that have spent years languishing in their basements!

At the end of the 2 hour session, we will go back through your home with you to do a “walk and talk”.  During this time, we will explain what we did (and why!).  If you are preparing your home for sale, we will give you pointers and tips for photo day and showings.

Colorado Staging + Design is now booking ReStyle design sessions for February 2019.  If you are thinking of listing your home this spring or just want to breathe a little fresh air into your space, consider choosing Colorado Staging.  2 designers.  2 hours.  Under $200.

Call today to reserve your ReStyle session; you won’t be disappointed.