One staging myth we hear all the time?  Staging is only for huge, expensive homes.  Not the case! The truth is that ALL homes benefit from staging, and we would argue that small spaces may even need staging MORE than small spaces.  The reason is that staging helps buyers visualize what they will be able to do with a space.  Professional stagers, like the designers at Colorado Staging + Design, are experienced in choosing the right furniture and layout to maximize space, showcase a home’s possibility for potential buyers, and even overcome buyer objections by showing them how to work with potential problem areas.

Here are some of our favorite staging tips for staging and designing small spaces.

Staging Tip 1: Think Light & Airy

Choose pieces that are neutral, light in color, and open in structure.  In the picture above, you will notice that the sofa is a light neutral.  The dining table, although darker in color, has is structured in a way which allows the eye to pass through the piece and gives the illusion of more space.

Staging Tip 2: Choose Slim Furniture

In the living space of this condo recently staged by Colorado Staging + Design, we opted for a slim console in lieu of a bulky media center.  We wanted to place the grouping on this wall, but it was in the main flow of traffic for the home.  Selecting a very narrow piece allowed us to set up a nice moment on this blank wall without sacrificing function.

Staging Tip 3: Get Creative With Nightstands

In a master bedroom, it is important to have his and hers nightstands.  But when space is at a premium, fitting two traditional nightstands in a space can be a challenge.  Look for unique solutions on a smaller scale to give the room some breathing space.  Nix traditional boxy, bulky side tables and look for stools, wire baskets topped with trays (as seen above) and other options with less visual weight.

Staging Tip 4: Break Up The Coffee Table

Who says a coffee table has to be…. an actual table?  Sometimes a big rectangular coffee table is just too much for a smaller living setup.  We like grouping footstools, drum tables, and small ottomans in pairs in smaller living room arrangements.  They open up the space, can serve as extra seating in a pinch, and are easy to move around to make a space function flexibly.  Don’t forget to add a small tray if your stool or ottoman is made of fabric or a less solid material!

Thanks for checking in with us today.  We hope our small space staging tips give you some inspiration for your home.  Colorado Staging + Design loves to help you love the home you’re in!

All Photos By Christa Tippman Photography