At Colorado Staging and Design, we often describe our staging style as timeless.  In part, it is because we opt for an eclectic mix of furnishings and decor, but another major part of what makes our inventory work in the wide variety of environments that we stage is the fact that we invest in neutral furnishings and accents whenever possible.

This smart buying strategy isn’t limited to stagers!  You can keep the same concepts in mind when choosing pieces for your home as well.

Choose Simple Neutrals for Large Furnishings

When it comes to couches, chairs, and other investment pieces, neutral is the way to go.  You can never go wrong with a white, cream, grey or taupe base for a room.  The beauty of choosing a well made piece in a simple color is that you can play with trends by adding accents.

Dark green velvet has been catching our attention lately, but we know that it is a very specific look that may not work in every situation.  So, we opt to add just a touch of it through inexpensive throw pillows.  When green goes “out” again… no problem!  We can still use the same ivory couch and add a new splash of color for a completely different look.

Incorporate Texture

“But.. neutral is so boring!” you might think.   We believe it doesn’t have to be!  Texture is an often overlooked element of design that can be used to make a predominantly neutral room come to life.  If you’re working in an ivory palette, for example, you can choose earthy linens, smooth ceramics, cozy cable knit blankets, and soft velvet in a similar range of shades.  The contrast between the various elements will add plenty of interest to the space without introducing a lot of color.

You Can’t Go Wrong With White

If all of the color options out there make your head swim (we feel that way too sometimes), repeat this simple mantra, “White Works.”  Incorporating a fresh pop of white into any space is like a fresh breath of air.  We regularly recommend a fresh new set of white towels in each bathroom before showings, and the same goes for crisp white bedding, white hand towels in the kitchen, and any other space that needs a little lift.  This also applies to wall paint, dishes, and pretty much any other major decorating decision you are considering.  When in doubt… go with the white!

Colorado Staging + Design loves sharing our favorite staging tips and hints with you and we hope you enjoyed this quick bit of design inspiration today.

Happy Decorating!

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