We hope we find you enjoying the last weeks of a joyous holiday season!

As we prepare for all the upcoming fun, we wanted to take minute to share with you a quick, easy and inexpensive centerpiece that you can make to add a pop of holiday cheer to your table.  These work great on buffets or dining tables.

You Will Need:

•3 small, matching vessels (we used candle holders but you can use mason jars, small cups…anything you have 3 of)

•1 store-bought bouquet of holiday flowers that match your decor (we bought this huge bunch at Costco for under $15)

•Flower preserver packets that come with your flowers

•Scotch Tape (optional)


• Start by filling each vessel 3/4 full of water and mixing in the flower preserver.  Stir to dissolve.

• If you’re using the tape, create a grid across the top of each vase to guide your flower placement and hold your arrangement in place.  Tape three pieces across the top in one direction; turn vase 90º and apply three more pieces to create a grid.  Make sure the tape doesn’t overhang too far down the side… you don’t want to see it once you’ve placed the flowers!  (See a good example on a larger arrangement here).

•Divide the flowers into 3 piles.  Try to put equal numbers of every type of greenery/stem into each pile.  I like to start with the carnations first, for example.  Put one carnation in each pile and continue until they are gone.  Then move onto the mums (and so on).

•Starting with the first pile, begin cutting the stems to the correct length.  You can always cut more off later, so err on the side of too long!

•Cut stems at an angle to help them soak up as much water as possible.  Also, remember to remove any leaves that will fall below the water line before placing the stem (if you leave them on the water will turn murky much faster as they decompose).

•Place the flowers within the grid you created.  Starting with your fullest flowers, and spread them out evenly throughout the space.  Then continue with the next type of flower, ending with your accent greenery on the outsides of the arrangement to fill any holes.

•Stand back and look at your arrangement. If it will be visible from all sides, spin it around to check whether it is even. Does it look balanced?  If not, take the opportunity to move flowers around as necessary until you are happy with the look.

• Repeat process for next 2 arrangements.  They do not have to be identical.

•Place in a row on a long table or buffet and intersperse with votive candles and/or high candlesticks for a stunning centerpiece.  Alternatively, you can scatter the arrangements on the bar, in the bathroom, or anywhere else that needs a pop of festivity.

Happy Staging (and Merry Christmas)!

Colorado Staging + Design