It might not seem like entertainment is relevant on a home staging blog, but the truth is that staging the scene is an important part of creating a memorable event for you guests.

Last week we talked about staging a gorgeous tablescape, and this week Colorado Staging + Design is excited to  share some easy ideas to help you present the main attraction (the FOOD) with style.

We LOVE serving food buffet style because it’s easy and provides a great opportunity for you to present a feast for the eyes as well as a more literal feast for your guests.

Read on for our top 3 ways to make your holiday display shine this year.

1.) Vary height

In the photo above, you will see that we added height at the back of the buffet using both the actual food and decorative elements (in this case, the pumpkins).

If you don’t have raised trays available to display your food, get creative with ways to elevate the plates on the back of the table.  Some ideas might include a stack of books, an overturned basket/galvanized bucket, or cake pedestals.  A great, inexpensive hack is to place a sturdy box at the back of the table and cover it with pretty fabric/an extra tablecloth.  This will give you height and a sturdy base on which to display your food!

Your decorative elements could include things like candlesticks, glass jars full of seasonal accents, floral arrangements, or signs explaining the menu.

I like to think of the basic height structure as  “bleachers”.  Raise the items in the back to the highest height to make them easy to access.  The next row is medium-height, and the items closest to the front should be displayed directly on the table.

Once you have found a place for each item you want to serve, fill in any extra holes with votive candles (unscented please!), bud vases with single blooms, or other small decorations.

2.) Vary Materials

Again, variety is key to making a spread interesting.  Pick 2-3 different materials from your serving trays (glass, silver, white, or colored trays that all match a common color scheme) and repeat this in your serve ware.  More than 3 materials can appear too busy, so try to collect things that are in the same “family” of materials.  For our Fall buffet we chose a wood cheese board, white serve ware, and silver  trays.

3.) Think Like A Guest

All that beauty is irrelevant if it isn’t functional!  When thinking about where to place food on the buffet, imagine you are walking through the buffet line like an actual guest.  Which foods would you want to put on your plate first?  It doesn’t make sense to put the gravy on the first half of the buffet and place the mashed potatoes at the other end.  Group foods in relevant groupings according to how people will use them (i.e. butter, potatoes and gravy or salad, toppings and dressing together).

Often plates and silverware will come first, followed by the main dish and side dishes. Condiments and napkins are great to put toward the end of the line.  The main dish can be displayed in the middle as a focal point.  Again, give it a little thought and set it up the way that works best for you and your guests.

There you have it!  You’re on your way to staging your most beautiful Holiday meal yet.  Colorado Staging + Design wishes all of our customers, family and friends a very happy Thanksgiving.  Thank you for stopping by the blog today and welcoming us into your home.

Your Friends at Colorado Staging + Design