1. Discrete Professional Staging Services

    Colorado Staging + Design strives for excellence in every aspect of our staging work, and this includes a desire for excellence in our professional conduct and standards. Discretion might not be the first thing you consider when it comes to hiring a professional home stager, but we believe that hold…Read More

  2. Colorado Staging + Design Begins The {Organization} Project

    There are so many things Colorado Staging + Design loves about the work we do.  We love interior design and the opportunity to make homes even more beautiful. We love helping realtors sell homes quickly (and putting more money in homeowners' pockets!).  But most of all, we love helping our clients…Read More

  3. Our 4-Step Staging Process

    Colorado Staging + Design is a Northern Colorado based staging company.  We stage homes in Windsor, Greeley, Fort Collins, Loveland, Berthoud and beyond. We LOVE  what we do, and part of our job is educating our clients about how staging can help them sell their homes faster (and for more money!).…Read More

  4. Staging Tip: Trays are Terrific!

    Today's staging tip is simple...but it makes a BIG difference in the styling of a home.  Using trays to anchor vignettes in your decor is a smart choice; it's one of our top staging secrets over here at Colorado Staging + Design.  Shh...don't tell anyone we told you! Why We Love Staging With Trays…Read More

  5. Staging Tips: Staging Smaller Spaces

    One staging myth we hear all the time?  Staging is only for huge, expensive homes.  Not the case! The truth is that ALL homes benefit from staging, and we would argue that small spaces may even need staging MORE than small spaces.  The reason is that staging helps buyers visualize what they will …Read More

  6. Colorado Staging + Design Presents: Thrift Store Challenge

    Greetings from Colorado Staging + Design!  We hope you're having an awesome week. It's no secret that we love to dig into Northern Colorado thrift stores to see what kinds of treasures we can uncover.  It's part of our signature staging design, and it gives the homes we stage (especially our new c…Read More

  7. Staging Tip: Choose Neutral Colors for Timeless Style

    At Colorado Staging and Design, we often describe our staging style as timeless.  In part, it is because we opt for an eclectic mix of furnishings and decor, but another major part of what makes our inventory work in the wide variety of environments that we stage is the fact that we invest in neutr…Read More

  8. What is a ReStyle Anyway?

    We try to offer something for everyone at Colorado Staging + Design, and one of our most affordable and accessible staging services is what we like to call a ReStyle.  This service is perfect for clients who are getting ready to list their homes, but even if you aren't going anywhere, a ReStyle can…Read More

  9. Organizing Tools: Tiny Boxes

    This week I spent some time watching the Netflix show "Tidying Up with Marie Kondo".  Have you seen it?  If you're wanting to get more organized but need a little push to get you going, it's worth watching. In the first episode, Kondo arrives at her clients' home with a gift: a stack of "tiny boxe…Read More