1. Organizing Tools: Tiny Boxes

    This week I spent some time watching the Netflix show "Tidying Up with Marie Kondo".  Have you seen it?  If you're wanting to get more organized but need a little push to get you going, it's worth watching. In the first episode, Kondo arrives at her clients' home with a gift: a stack of "tiny boxe…Read More

  2. Simple Holiday Centerpiece

    We hope we find you enjoying the last weeks of a joyous holiday season! As we prepare for all the upcoming fun, we wanted to take minute to share with you a quick, easy and inexpensive centerpiece that you can make to add a pop of holiday cheer to your table.  These work great on buffets or dining …Read More

  3. Cleanin’ Up Your Act: Before/After Office Organizing Session

    For most of us, paper is a problem.  Innocuous fliers from school, pages of lists and notes, and bills (oh, the bills) pile up little by little until we are drowning in a sea of papers that we don't know what to do with.  Sound familiar? Unless we have a good system in place for managing the paper…Read More

  4. Colorado Staging + Design Awarded Top 10 Distinction

    It's been almost a month since we returned from the Home Staging + Redesign Association summit in Dallas (where does the time go?).  For 3 days we learned, learned, and learned some more about how to better serve our customers and run our staging business more efficiently.  It was truly an honor t…Read More

  5. 3 Easy Ideas to Stage a Beautiful Buffet

    It might not seem like entertainment is relevant on a home staging blog, but the truth is that staging the scene is an important part of creating a memorable event for you guests. Last week we talked about staging a gorgeous tablescape, and this week Colorado Staging + Design is excited to  share s…Read More

  6. Creating the Perfect Thanksgiving Tablescape (on a Budget!)

    Thanksgiving is a little more than a week away and we are busy dreaming up pretty little ways to decorate our table for the holiday.  The table is the first thing guests see when whey arrive at your celebration, so it is worth making a little extra effort to put together a display that will set the…Read More

  7. 100 Homes (and Counting)!

    Sometimes in the day to day operation of a business, it is easy to lose sight of the big picture.  The tendency to focus on the immediate needs of scheduling, coordinating, and executing can consume all of a business owner's attention. Once in a while, however, something in the air makes you stop i…Read More

  8. 2018 Customer Appreciation Party

    What an amazing time we had at our customer appreciation party last month!  Mother nature smiled on us with unseasonably warm weather and blessed us with a picture perfect blanket of fallen leaves for our cozy, fall themed soiree.  We toasted s'mores, cozied up with plaid, wool blankets, and enjoy…Read More

  9. Garage Organization Tips

    Last week we posed a question on our FB page: If a fairy godmother could wave a wand and clean/organize one space in your home, would you choose the kitchen or the garage?  It was a close vote, but eventually the GARAGE emerged as the winner. So today, we're going to share our top tips for getting …Read More